Destination Weddings Planning Made Easy

//Destination Weddings Planning Made Easy

Destination Weddings Planning Made Easy

He proposed you said, “Yes” Now the fun begins, Let us plan your Destination Wedding!

Rule number one: Don’t think you could do it all! – Some Brides believe the best thing to do is just plan at all, from wedding plans, meal selection, decor selection and travel arrangements.

Finding the right Destination Wedding Specialist will save you a ton of stress.
I hear this all the time:

 “I want a Destination Wedding, But I have no idea where to begin.”
“How far in advance should I start planning my Destination Wedding?”
“I love this resort, but I don’t think my guests could afford it.”
“What’s is a symbolic wedding vs a legal marriage.”

Those are common concern when planning a Destination Wedding; it’s important to consider your guests – as they are also a big part of your week. Your Destination Wedding specialists will walk you through a few step; figuring out what your guests are like will also play a role in your resort selection.

Yes, I know I know. We have to make sure there’s a decent club for your  party guests (Ha)

Time of year:

Are you selecting a high season? There is such a thing as a high wedding season for Destination Weddings. Rates in April tend are higher than September.

How many children are attending:
It’s important to let your Destination Wedding Specialist know if children are attending, this could help with the resort suggestions made. There are plenty of family orientated resorts that feature children’s play area, water parks, day camps, evening daycare services, in room children amenities. Some resorts even offer parents a cell phone! Isn’t that great? Parents can relax by the pool and know they are just one call a way in case of an emergency.

Parents, we’ve got you covered.

How far in advance should we book our wedding date:
Destination Wedding are in popular demand– It’s best to contact your Destination wedding specialist 18-12 months before your wedding with the date you wish to reserve.


Type of ceremony:
Have you considered what kind of ceremony best fits you? Most couples choose to make things simple. Symbolic ceremonies are just as unique, your on-site coordinator will perform your wedding ceremony, but it would not be legal. (It could be your little secret) Usually, couples tend to have a legal ceremony in their home town before flying out.

Hey! I’m guilty of saving myself from taking these extra steps.

Civil Weddings:

Depending on where your Destination Wedding will be held, you will need to translate single affidavits, birth certificates, Mexico also requires the couple to submit blood work upon arrival. Don’t forget some countries require you to be there for a certain amount of business days before your wedding. You will receive your marriage certificate a few months after your Wedding, estimate about 90 days.

If you are looking for a religious wedding, that may also be arranged. However, advanced preparations are also involved.

A Religious Ceremony ( Catholic) requires the wedding couple to get permission from their parish priest. The couple is also required to complete their wedding classes before heading out to their wedding destination. All documents need to be translated and approved by the priest who will be performing your religious marriage. Luckily, some resorts do offer onsite churches to perform a ceremony.


Free Weddings:
Yes, I said FREE Weddings. Some resorts offer this awesome perks, who doesn’t like Free things, especially a wedding! Even though you could qualify for a free wedding, it’s important to know what you’re getting.

Resort expectations:
Vacation prices are tempting, especially when you see a one week deal for $600.00 (umm) It’s so important to trust your Destination Wedding specialist. We love a good deal just as much as you do; we want you to have the best time at a resort that best fits your needs. Other things to keep in mind would be your foodie guests, is there a significant amount of restaurant selection? Are reservations required or can your guests dine as they please? What about your wellness guests? It’s important to understand the value of the resort where your guests will also be spending one week of their vacation.

The truth is having a Destination Wedding specialist by your side saves you a lot of time and unnecessary hassle. Find the right one for you.

Do you need more information on Destination Weddings? Click here 

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