Destinations Wedding Planning: What’s next?

//Destinations Wedding Planning: What’s next?

Destinations Wedding Planning: What’s next?

Finally, your date is reserved! What a relief, but now what? At Something Blue Destinations, we like to work with our Couples every step of the way.

1. Locking your rates:

We secure your rates to ensure that there is space at the resort for your group and your group is receiving the same rates. If you have guests leaving from other cities, this could impact the rates they are receiving, not to worry just provide us with their cities and we will take care of them.

2. Wedding websites:

Our clients all receive a password protected website with all of your wedding group details. We like to ensure all of your information is confidential and private to just your guests. On your personal website, you will find your flight details, hotel details, pricing details, our contact information, deposit and balance due dates.

3. Deposits:

Deposit amount ranges from $50-$250 per person. Your guests have 60 days to start arranging their deposits.

4. Payment plans:

All guests have the option to be on a payment plan. It’s very simple, one a deposit has been made guests can choose what frequency they would like to make a payment.

5. Special requests:

If your guests have special requests such as dietary restrictions, Room level preferences, special touches. These requests can be made at the time of booking.

6. Travel Insurance:

Are you covered? It’s important to protect yourself & your investment. If travel insurance is needed, we could easily provide one for you.

In addition, our Couples receive a complimentary Baby Blue Package.  

See, it’s not that difficult. Your guests will be so thankful to have all the information just one click away.

Happy planning!
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