Something Blue Destinations, It was always you… Marian & Pedro Now Larimar

//Something Blue Destinations, It was always you… Marian & Pedro Now Larimar

Something Blue Destinations, It was always you… Marian & Pedro Now Larimar

Imagine marrying the person you love at your dream Destination Wedding. Sounds like magic! Isn’t it? But we, the Something Blue Destinations, make this magic happen. We understand that marriage is the most auspicious moment in your life. Ever since you start understanding the meaning of marriage or start making plans for it, you cherish enormous dreams for the special day. Among all others, the wish of having a Destination Wedding ranks the highest.

Marian says: “Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed of getting married right in front of the ocean. I always thought it would be so romantic and special.”IMG-20160505-WA0003

Just think about walking down the aisle and seeing the man or lady of your dreams waiting for you! It turns out to be a very special and unique moment that even bring tears of happiness to our couples’ eyes. It becomes a magical moment complemented by the amazing view around.

Our latest couple Marian and Pedro celebrated their Wedding at the beautiful Now Larimar Punta Cana. The beautiful five-star resort was home for a party of 40 people for a full week of wonderful memories made. Punta Cana has wonderful resorts, we offer a free consultation to narrow down the best option for you.

Marian says: “The service! This has been the best resort I’ve stayed at, the service my guest and I received was memorable, every single employee made sure we were having the best time of our lives & our wedding coordinator was exceptional, everything she went above and beyond to make my day extra special. The staff, the service and my wedding coordinator.” 


When you remanence on your special day, many emotions run through your mind.

Marian says:Walking down the aisle and seeing the man of my dreams waiting for me. It was a very special and unique moment; I thought I wasn’t going to cry, but I did right at that moment. It was a magical moment, and the view was just amazing.”mp

After a full year of Destination Wedding planning, we at Something Blue Destinations consider each couple our family. Let us help you plan your Dream Destination Wedding.

Marian says:It was great! Pebbles always replied on time & after hours we had a great wedding and honeymoon. Enjoy every minute of it, it goes by so fast! I planned my wedding for a full year and a half and the wedding day went by so quick! Also, remember it is your day too, don’t try to be a superhero and try to make everyone else happy. It’s your day so make it all about YOU!”

Contact us at once to make your special day the most memorable!

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